Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What is a Comicpreneur

What is a Comicpreneur?

A Comicpreneur is a new breed of comic book creators that are dedicated to creating a successful business around their creator owned comic book.

A Comicpreneur is a creative person, an artist, a writer who wants to understand and get the most out of the business side of their creative endeavors.  

They understand that you have to sell your work in order to fund the creation of more work.

They also understand and accept the value in their work. They know that what they create is worth something and should be priced as such.

They understand that one of the keys to success is building a brand around their work and their name.

A Comicpreneur is tuned into the the comic market and the greater marketing world looking for ways to broaden their readership and build their brand.

They are tech savvy and keep up on the latest social networking tools and software to better create their work and showcase it to the world.

A Comicpreneur doesn't wait to be told that it's okay to create their comics. They make them because they believe in the work they are doing and it's ability to resonate with readers.

They are faster than the larger companies and can take advantage of market forces.

They look for ways to cut costs and maximize their profit on their work.  

They watch the margin because your creative future lives there.

A Comicpreneur loves to create comics and loves selling them almost as much.

A Comicpreneur lives on the line between art and commerce and uses them together to be successful at both.

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